Paper 4 Oral Communication [30 marks]

Approximate duration of Paper 4: 20 minutes per candidate (including 10 minutes of preparation time) This paper comprises two parts which are thematically linked.

Part 1: Reading Aloud [10 marks]

Candidates read aloud a short text bearing in mind the purpose, audience and context. A short instruction will guide candidates on the context in which the given text is to be read aloud. The text may be a short narrative, news report, speech, or an announcement, or a mixture of types and forms. Candidates are assessed on their ability to accurately pronounce and clearly articulate the words in the text, and read fluently and expressively, showing an awareness of purpose, audience and context.

Part 2: Spoken Interaction [20 marks]

Candidates view a visual stimulus, which is thematically linked to the text in Part 1, in order to engage in a discussion with the examiners.


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