Dr. Marcus Tan

Dr. Marcus Tan

General Paper Specialist

With two decades of teaching experience, Dr. Tan has taught at many institutions and schools, and at many levels. He is well-loved by many students and respected for his fierce intellect.


He holds a doctoral degree from the prestigious Trinity College Dublin, a Master of Arts degree and an Honours degree from the National University of Singapore, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) from the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Formerly a Public Service Commission teaching scholar, Dr. Tan was Deputy Head of the English Department at Temasek Junior College. There, he taught General Paper for many years, in addition to Knowledge and Inquiry, and Project Work. He was also the pioneering developer of TJC’s Language Arts Programme, a curriculum that is still adopted today. In addition to TJC, Dr. Tan has taught at Dunman High School (General Paper), School of the Arts (English Literature) and Queen’s University Belfast (Theatre and Performance Studies).

Apart from winning several scholarships and academic prizes, Dr. Tan is also an active academic researcher and publisher. He has published academic books and journals and is known internationally in the field of intercultural theatre.

Most significantly, perhaps, is Dr. Tan’s pedagogical approach. He is an unconventional and creative teacher that does not compromise on standards and takes his teaching seriously. His effective methods and strong rapport with students, as well as engaging and wryly humorous personality has led to him to be well-loved by students. To those that have come under his guidance, he has helped them attain strong results, with failing grade students attaining at least a ‘C’ grade even in the span of a few months, and with most attaining As or Bs in the ‘A’ level examinations.

Fundamentally, Dr. Tan believes that knowledge is for life; it must make one a more informed, critical and compassionate person. With that knowledge comes the responsibility to make the world a little better. It is this belief that drives his passion for teaching.