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Testimonials about Our Teachers


  • “Ms Jennifer Seah taught me English for about two years. She undoubtedly boosted my ability and grasp in the language. She is very familiar with the ‘O’ level English syllabus and is able to coach her students not only to score in the subject, but to be a better user in general. She connects well with her students and her lessons are both fun and enriching! As a student who used to scored Bs and Cs in school exams, under Ms Jennifer’s guidance, I have managed to improve and eventually attain an A2 for the 2016 ‘O’ level examinations. I am truly grateful to have been her student for two years!

    All the best in your career, ‘Cher!”

    - Tan Hao Yuan
    'O' Level English Language student

  • “The purpose of this letter is to put forth my recommendation of Ms Jennifer Seah as a English tutor. I have been taught by Ms Jennifer Seah for over 2.5 years and my English grades have improved tremendously under her.

    As a student, I have always found English to be one of the most challenging subjects in secondary school. Before I joined Ms Jennifer Seah’s tuition class, my English grades were constantly a C5 or a C6. I had to go for English remedial in my school as well. I felt really worried back then as English must be included in my ‘O’ level aggregate score.

    Ms Jennifer Seah was really patient and encouraging in teaching me and even went the extra mile to stay back after lessons to explain to me where I went wrong in the English tasks I did as well as to answer all of my questions I had regarding the subject.

    Furthermore, she taught me useful tips and strategies such as learning how to identify question types in English paper 2 in order to give a more precise and concise answer. As for the paper 1 component, she marked out good vocabulary that can be used commonly in essays and guided us multiple times in our writing skills, on top of explaining the sample essays given to us. She is also very comprehensive in her teaching and never fails to make us understand where we went wrong and even uses acronyms such as ‘PEEL’ to structure our essays properly and to help us remember essential tips better. Occasionally, she would also use videos and articles to boost our understanding, further spurring our interest in the subject.

    During the ‘O’ level oral period, Ms Jennifer Seah went all out to coach us 1 to 1 by having oral practices after lessons to better prepare us for the upcoming examination. Besides, she relates a lot to her students and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone during lessons, making the lessons more fun and interesting. I assure you that you will never get bored during her lessons.

    Eventually, I obtained an A2 grade for English for ‘O’ levels which is a 4 grade leap from a C6 (a grade I usually get before attending her class). I attribute my success to her and I don’t think I could have done this well without her help. She is really a gem and a teacher that I will never forget!”

    - Rei Tan
    'O' Level English Language Student

  • “Under Ms Jennifer Seah’s guidance, I attained an A1 for ‘O’ level English.

    Ms Jenn is a very dedicated and engaging teacher. Her outgoing personality made English lessons come alive for me. She would never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that the contents of her lessons are effectively delivered. For instance, she incorporated current affairs videos into our learning and would at times share her personal experiences in order to make the topic under discussion more relevant. These small but thoughtful gestures often ignited our curiosity and desire to learn further.

    When examinations drew near, Ms Jenn would not merely stress the importance of preparing well, but would also remind us to take care of our well-being. With the aim of making sure we were all geared up for our major exams, Ms Jenn set aside time to work with each and every student as there is no one-size-fits-all learning style.

    Her patience and encouragement boosted my confidence in tackling English, helping me to improve 4 grades over 2 years. “

    - Carol Ng
    'O' Level English Language Student

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    “I used to be a student of Tanjong Katong Girls’ School. Having constantly scored B4 in English, I was recommended to be under the tutelage of Ms Ng in Secondary Two. With her precise and individualised comments and dedicated teaching, I eventually learnt to correct the flaws that had cost me marks dearly during exams. By Secondary 3, I was consistently scoring A2 for English, ultimately securing my A1 for the ‘O’ Level exams. As a result, I was successfully able to enter National Junior College which was my school of choice. Naturally, I continued with Ms Ng’s tuition throughout my JC years and ultimately managed to attain an A grade in General Paper as well. Ms Ng is a reliable and highly conscientious teacher; never once has she failed to answer my queries or impart tips and even sometimes going as far as to call me before an exam to remind me of my personal mistakes and what pitfalls to look out for. As such, I highly recommend Ms Ng as a teacher as she has always never failed to go out of her way for her students.”

    - Serena Yeo
    'O' Level English Language student
    'A' Level General Paper student

  • “When I first went to Ms Ng at the start of primary 6, my English was barely a pass. Within ten months, with Ms Ng’s help and encouragement, I worked from a D to finally attaining an A for PSLE. I’m still with Ms Ng for secondary school tuition,and have maintained between an A and B for my results. Thank you, Ms Ng, for believing in me!”

    -Melvin Yong
    PSLE student
    Current secondary level student

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    “GP lessons in Master Class really made learning GP turn from a chore to an enjoyment. Dr. Tan firmly believes that structure and knowledge were the key focus in making convincing proper arguments. He holds on to this very strongly, always squeezing in interesting facts and stories during lessons to enrich the students. His lessons are also very structured, and each lesson is carefully inserted as a good continuation from the previous, hence it maximises our learning takeaways each time. Overall, I am glad that I enrolled in Master Class and I hope that if you do join the class you get the same benefits as I did.”

    - Chris Goh Chin Yee
    'A' Level General Paper student

  • “I went for lessons there back in 2012 where Dr Tan taught us skills to tackle the general paper! He taught us to look at things from many different perspectives and also made us think philisopically to understand processes better. Through his help, we were also able to spot the mistakes we made like making biased assumptions. All in all, I recommend that you attend tuition here as I’m certain you will improve in time for the A Levels!”

    136002_10151084855778244_1215636467_o (1)

    - Sandeep Chowdary
    'A' Level General Paper student

  • “My daughter has been enrolled in Ms Jennifer Seah’s class from secondary three. She definitely showed steady progress over the period and eventually scored an A1 for her English paper at GCE ‘O’levels.

    To all teachers and staff of Masterclass, you must be doing something absolutely right! Thanks again.”

    - Mr Tan (parent of Tan Ke En)
    'O' Level English Language student

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    “Ms Ng, thank you for being my teacher! Even though you only taught me for less than a year, your effective teaching had helped me to improve from a F9 to an A2. Thank you very much! Congratulations too for having an entire class of A students, this shows that you’re an EXCELLENT teacher!”

    - Cassandra Ng
    ‘O’ Level English Language student
    ‘A’ Level General Paper student

  • “I learnt so much from you, not just about English skills and exam tips, but about what life is about and what awaits me. Your stories are often so hilarious and you’re always so cheerful and caring, which motivates me to want to go to class every week. Thank you for helping me achieve my distinctions for O level English and General Paper! You’re the best!”

    - Geraine Tan
    ‘O’ Level English Language student
    ‘A’ Level General Paper student

  • “In my two years at Master Class, I had managed to do consistently well in English, thanks to Ms Jennifer Seah. During my first two years in secondary school before I started tuition with Ms Seah,  I struggled to improve but thanks to her help, I received an A2 for the ‘O’ level English paper.

    Ms Jennifer is a passionate teacher who clearly enjoys teaching. She is patient when clarifying doubts and always ensures that students can keep up with the lesson. She can be strict at times but this is only because she has our best interests at heart. During lessons, Ms Jennifer is energetic and expressive. She conveys her points clearly. Her lessons are never a bore!”

    - Dylan Tan
    GCE 'O' Level English Language student

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    “It’s all thanks to you that I managed to get A1 for English! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work, often going above and beyond the call of duty by giving us all those supplementary vocab exercises and extra class materials. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and I hope your future students know how lucky they are to have you as their teacher!”

    - Tan Wenn Er
    ‘O’ Level English Language student

We conduct weekly lessons in Upper Primary and Secondary English and JC General Paper. Our annual track record has been almost 100% As and A*s for PSLE English and >80% As and B3s for GCE 'O' Level English.