Our Corporate Philosophy

We are a highly reputable and reliable learning centre specialising in English and General Paper. We started in 2011 at our current premises at East Coast Road and mark our 12th year of operation in 2023.

We are responsible teachers boasting of an accumulated experience of more than 50 years working in Singapore schools. Equipped with sound mastery of our subject matter and a passion for teaching young people, we are committed to helping our students succeed. Most of our students improve by several grades by the time they sit for the national examinations.

We specialise in Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary English as well as JC General Paper tuition. We offer only subjects that we are confident of delivering at the highest of standards. We also keep our annual total number of students small so that we can maximise our effectiveness through individualised attention and thorough marking.

How we conduct ourselves

We aim to exercise the highest professional standards in our teaching and administration.

We aim to be always responsible, accessible and personable.

How we deliver our services

We provide value-for-money tuition services conducted by highly qualified, NIE-trained teachers.

We adhere to effective and practical teaching methods to ensure learning takes place.

We are systematic and consistent in our approach to teaching and learning through a simple but effective a student file management system, quality worksheet and notes provision, a journal and note keeping system and sound classroom management. We believe in and practise the cycle of effective learning involving these stages: skills and content knowledge acquisition, reinforcement and review.